Project Elisir

Project Elisir Botero

MUSIC AND PAINTING IN A PERFECT HARMONY – Stage Director Victor Garcia Sierra

 Generosity, sensuality and colour are features that identify the Master Fernando Botero unique and unmistakable style, named by some as “the Boterism”. In the attempt to join his style with Italy, I was ispired by one of his paintings of “The Circus”, and I found a clear call of his characters with those of the Donizetti Opera “Elisir d’Amore”. And here appearing in my interpretation a fun Dulcamara who tries to sell the Elisir into his circus, a Belcore sergeant and tamer, than Adina, Nemorino, Giannetta and the choir artists, citizens of the village and audience of the performance.

Little by little I found, in the idea of life that the Master get across us, a world full of poetry. Poetry that was necessary to me as starting point to discover the great number of characters that aims his paintings and to offer a unique arrangement of Donizetti opera, in which all the solo and the chorus artists will be doubly protagonists. The image of every character is based on Fernando Botero paintings, and will get life with the great Donizetti music. As Botero affirms: ”the colours are a feast and the circus gives us the possibility to link all their shades, also the contrasts more extreme, making them beautiful and naturals”.

In this world as in no other is possible to use a greater freedom of expression, therefore the colours turns out to acquire a major brightness and richness. So thanks to the Donizetti opera this magic is complete: music and picture melts each other in a perfect harmony. The Botero generous shapes and volumes offers to the audience a parallel world, the reality seen with the Master eyes. In this way the artist theaches to all of us how to perceive the reality with different shades: naivety, melancholy, fondness, vivacity, vanity, craftiness; all elements marking out the characters of this Opera too, defined in score as “playful opera” and forming with full rights a part of the comic opera tradition. Donizetti with “Elisir d’Amore” music will bring us in the Botero magic and parallel world.

THE ELISIR D’AMORE “BIRTH” – Artistic Manager  

The cultural Association Nausica Opera International, in partnership with the Busseto municipality, is pleased to present, in National preview, the lyric Opera “L’Elisir d’Amore” , Gaetano Donizetti playful opera in two acts with Felice Romani libretto, in turn based on “Le Philtre” by Scribe. Our director and singer Victor Garcia Sierra creates and interpretes a directon in a perfect synergy with the Master Fernando Botero, whom are committed the scenes drawn on the “palette” of the figurative production of his paintings, with a specific attention to the paintings series entitled “The Circus”, carrying the audience in his own artistic imaginary, in an innovative direction supported by the Donizetti score keys.

A project unique in the world, held in a magnificent chest as the Giuseppe Verdi theatre in Busseto and with a character cast of worldwide fame. This is why I thanks our dearest friend and honorary member Michele Pertusi. A special thanks goes to our Nausica Opera International members collaborators, that help and support us always, although this wasn’t a rosy moment for the culture and art at-large. I would like to finish with a maxim to which I’m particularly attached and that make to me the strength to continue: “We have not to lose the hope and the perseverance”. Thanks.

Enrico Fontana de Rangoni – Production manager and set designer.

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